Cowgirl Collection Squeeze Wax
Cowgirl Collection Squeeze Wax

Cowgirl Collection Squeeze Wax

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The new Cowgirl Collection of squeeze wax is perfect for your home or gifting. The scents are easily blended to create a signature scent, and they’re also great individually. None are overwhelming or too sweet. We tested these ourselves to be sure they are perfectly wonderful! If we are out of stock, shoot us an email and we can grab some extras for you in a few days.

Sage Brush - Squeeze Wax

Wild Sage, Not Refined. Smells like an open road into the Wild West. 

Violets - Squeeze Wax

Rich Sweet Floral Violets. Not too sweet at all, but great for adding to another scent for a layer of yummy fragrance.

Whiskey - Squeeze Wax

This blend of whiskey picks up oak barrels, vanilla, and spices and a slight blend of alcohol. This is true whiskey, not bourbon. 

Sequoia - Squeeze Wax

Rich Raw Sequoia. Very deep wood scent and true to the Sequoia Trees. 

River Water - Squeeze Wax

Sweet Fresh Flowing Water in the Spring. Sweet Like Spring, Not Sugary. 

Prairie Grass - Squeeze Wax

Fresh Grass Blend. Spa Like. More uplifting all over than in your face. Very fresh. 

Huckleberry - Squeeze Wax

Deep, Masculine Berry, Outdoors. Not Sweet. 

Cactus Blossom - Squeeze Wax

Fresh Sweet Floral. Slightly Tropical. Perfect for a Fresh Spring! 

 Pure Soy Oil, Pure Soy Wax, Phthalate Free Fragrance Oil, Dye. 

Instructions: Drop single drops of Squeeze Wax into Electric Wax Warmer for fragrance. Squeeze Wax scents may be combined to create unique scents in your Electric Wax Warmer. Do not use Squeeze Wax in Tealight Warmers. Do not use Squeeze Wax in Candles. Keep Squeeze Wax out of reach of children and pets. Do not dispose of Squeeze Wax down a sink or drain of any kind. Store Squeeze Wax at Room Temp - between 65-85 F.

How much should I use?
That really depends on the size of the room and how powerful you want your scent. Think of squeeze wax like makeup - its completely buildable. The more drops you add, the stronger that scent will be. For a normal size room, we would say 20 drops total of product, for a larger or home - 30 to 40 drops. 

How long does squeeze wax last?
Squeeze Wax contains a higher oil content than Wax Melts and Candles providing for a stronger scent throw. When used in an Electric Wax Warmer, you will smell Squeeze Wax much faster than you would a normal Wax Melt. Wax Melts, on the other hand, have a melting and hardening process that preserves their scent longer than Squeeze Wax. It is about your personal preference. Example - we used 10 drops of Squeeze Wax in an Electric Wax Warmer for a combined twenty hours of “melting” time. The Squeeze Wax was just as strong after twenty hours of “melting” time. It’s all going to depend on how long you leave your Electric Wax Melter on and how much Squeeze Wax that you use. We are confident in our products and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that you’ll love them too.

How do I get squeeze wax out of the melter?
You can wipe Squeeze Wax out of your Electric Wax Melter with a clean paper towel and throw it in the trash. We know some of our customers prefer to use cotton balls versus paper towels. The freezing method used with Wax Melts does not work for Squeeze Wax.